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Instant hair dye wax

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Dye your hair in vibrant colors ✨ and temporarily. Salon dyed hair can damage and ruin your hair forever. This temporary dye is made with natural ingredients. Dye your hair yourself in just minutes. To remove the color simply wash your hair with shampoo. Apply it for daily use, ideal for cosplays, festivals, parties, events, nightclubs, raves, Halloween 🎃, etc.

*PRODUCT TO ORDER: Delivery time of 15 to 20 business days.


Instant and easy: Instantly dye your hair without professional help. Just apply it like a wax pomade on your hands towards your hair.

Varied colors: gives your hair a vibrant color. It not only dyes the hair, but also makes styling easier, gives it volume and keeps it in place thanks to its wax texture.

Washable and temporary: Easily remove color with water and shampoo. Perfect for those who love to change their hair color.

Natural Ingredients: Made from natural ingredients and 100% safe! It does not irritate the scalp, is environmentally friendly and does not harm health.


Wash your hair and dry it at 80%
Place a finger full of hair wax in your palm and spread evenly;
Apply to all areas that need a color boost and you'll have a new look.
Easily wash once used.


water, beeswax, Brazilian palm wax, cetyl stearyl alcohol, glycerol extract, tea extract, etc. Store below: 86F/30℃ Weight: 120g / 4oz.